La imaginación histórica y el romance nacional; Martyrs of Miscegenation

1996, F. Unzueta, and I need to see it. It is not here, and it would cost $40 to buy used, so I will actually use interlibrary loan. I had forgotten I was looking for this article by Lee Skinner several years ago and that I had it; now I have read it. National identities in the 19th century, as we know, are sites of negotiation and struggle, and writers used racially marked images in different ways, depending on their politics at a particular coyuntura.
One knows these things.

Skinner says both Sommer and Anderson think of national identities as fixed things, through which national reconciliation is brought about. I don’t agree with all of Sommer but I always read her as proposing that identities were being proposed, forged, posited in these texts, and they did not preexist them.


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