1er. monde

I am glad to be able to travel so much but I wish it took less thought. Since getting back from California it has taken a whole day to fully figure out how to do a weekend of professional travel to Washington, and another to Atlanta. It takes thought because it has to be done economically, cannot be done exhaustingly, and must leave some time for exploration.

In calendar 2019, we have:
* March: Atlanta, Washington … both arranged!
* April: Taos, [New Orleans] … to arrange in February!
* May: California … to arrange soon!
* June: [Florida], Washington … perhaps do in the simplest way possible!
* July: [Mexico] … optional!
* August: California … to arrange soon!
* September:
* October:
* November: Washington … perhaps do in the simplest way possible!
* December: California … arrange this in September / October!

This will make as many as ten total round trip plane rides in 2019. I now see why people have secretaries to make their travel arrangements.

Since I have been flying on Delta I really ought to begin using my Delta frequent flyer account more consistently. In California I stay in Air BnB, so I should join Delta Air Bnb and accumulate Delta miles. And I need to arrange that first California trip now so that the good places to stay are not gone, and because I have it almost conceptualized. There are so many other arrangements I will need to make.


2 thoughts on “1er. monde

  1. That is a LOT of travel. Delta’s pretty good about frequent flier stuff, not that I understand the system very well. If you have their AmEx card, you get your checked bag for free and it pays for itself with 1-2 trips, so it’s worth it if you fly Delta a lot (I do).

    1. Yes. I am locked into United because of going West, but have really been thinking about adding Delta. I balk at the idea of having 2 fee-paying credit cards, they should be paying me, I feel. But.

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