And so

After sleeping late and reading news, I worked on travel plans for a conference and wrote 150 words of a proposal. I wrote two letters that needed writing, and I will make two phone calls and work out tonight.

Update: what I really did was add 580 words to the proposal and hit submit.

Moral 1: once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

Comment: most of the proposal was cannibalized from prose I already had drafted. It still took all afternoon and into the evening, partly due to formatting issues, but mostly due to rereading, thinking, and arranging.

Moral 2: things take a long time, there’s no escaping it. When I am told I must finish things in less time than they really take, I find that I simply stop. Ergo, just allowing myself to spend a good 7 hours on a good 700 words, even when I started out with a draft, has to be considered good enough by every efficiency expert, because doing this at least put me in a position to hit submit.


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