Books on teaching: Fiskdal

I’ll create a post with a list of books on teaching, and related books I am getting rid of. Truly, I do not know how I got some of my books, but on the theory of getting rid of any book I can handle getting rid of, I am deciding that one category that must go is books on teaching. I keep them if I think I may need to cite them in some teaching narrative, or something like that, but I never do this. Fiskdal’s Guide to teaching effective seminars (Routledge) is surely good but is a mixture of things one already knows and techniques to make everything always smooth and always formal. I don’t like this — I think seminars, and classes generally, and discussions, should be messy sometimes. Fiskdal is at pains to tell us to make sure questions are open-ended, yet also wants things to move forward in a very choreographed way, or so it seems to me.


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