La rentrée

1/ Martha Washington is related to the Fitzhughs my grandfather is related to, and one of these famously had children with slaves (I am assuming all the Washingtons did, but this was more famous/verified). See…/George-Washington-s-African-Ame…
2/ Now even the NYT has a 1619 Project and is talking about the plantation as the foundation of the country and of capitalism, although of this last I started thinking when I read Jack Weatherford in the 80s and I am sure he was not the first to say it. See…/14/magaz…/slavery-capitalism.html…
3/ My whole project has to do with the half-failed attempts to ignore this biracial and multiracial reality, the effort to create white / Europe-oriented nations yet call them inclusive.
4/ 2019 is the 400th anniversary of US slavery but 2018 is the 500th of the Spanish decree justifying…


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