Marinade for Korean steak

Sufficient for 5 to 7 pounds of beef: 1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup rice wine or Mirim (can be found in Korean groceries, usually in the same aisle as vinegar and soy sauce), 1/3 cup honey, maple syrup or sweetener of choice (I use 1/4 cup turbinado sugar), one medium onion, a large handful of peeled garlic cloves, a teaspoon or more of black pepper, and one ripe pear (preferably half of a Korean pear — they are huge, but one Bartlett pear will do). Blend it all up in the blender. Add a few teaspoons of roasted sesame oil, the Korean kind. The stuff in the Whole Foods market type stores is horrible. Don’t blend after adding the oil — this time just stir. Add to the beef and let marinade in the fridge for a few hours — preferably overnight. It keeps for 48 hours in a pinch. Then just grill, broil in the oven, or pan fry in a hot cast iron skillet — don’t use any oil when pan frying and make sure to cook on only half the skillet surface or else the cast iron loses heat and the meat doesn’t cook up properly — it will lose all its juices. When I pan fry, I preheat the cast iron on high until it’s really really hot. Serve with lettuce to make lettuce wraps, and with kimchi, especially radish kimchi called ggakdugi.


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