Agenda for that January meeting

1. Amendments to Constitution, per letter from B.T. (Post restructuring — to fit with idea of sections, address relationship between chapters including national chapter, conference, and section.)

2. Discussion of what Conference can do. (Powers of conference, why we need a functioning one.) One is make sure all chapters, and ideally Senates, try to get handbooks in line with AAUP principles. Another is inspire people to get on board with campaigns like the anti-privatization one, which is important.

3. Nominating committee.

4. Decision on date for April meeting.

5. RESOLUTION and more — my earlier list was:

– reports from chapters, chapter leaders meet each other, discussion of organizing statewide

– the resolution as organizing tool [individuals need to be empowered to use it this way, and there may need to be a coordinating committee; the $66 fix is a California campaign on state funding and it may have concepts and language that are useful to us]

– Committee A liaisons, on campuses without chapters

– Committee A training opportunities

– grant and other funding opportunities through the conference

– 2020 summer institute scholarships

– the summer national meeting, processes for credentialing representatives, creation of sections

6. Anti-privatization campaign and possible visit of Monica Owens; this is a good project to undertake


One thought on “Agenda for that January meeting

  1. Coming so far:
    Tulane 3-4
    LSU 2+
    UL Lafayette 1+
    LSU-A 1+
    *Southern? *Xavier? *SELU? McNeese? LaTech? Grambling? *Centenary? *SUSLA? LSU-S?

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