A course on poetry sung

The Ring of Words, the introduction and the section on Spain.

Jarchas, are there good recordings?
Cid, Libro de Buen Amor, Romancero, what recordings are there?
Songs in Lope; recordings of Góngora and Quevedo
Are there recordings of 18th/19th century uses of song in poetry?
Rosalía de Castro, décimas de todas las edades
García Lorca, La argentinita
Songs with Miguel Hernández
Civil War?
Germaine Montero
Paco Ibáñez
Víctor Jara, Lluís Llach, Joaquín Sabina, Silvio Rodríguez, more
Rock, rap

Necesito ayuda.


8 thoughts on “A course on poetry sung

    1. Excelente! Purpose of course is to sneak poetry and also historical / cultural information to students, and get them interested in prosody and poetics, and give them examples of grammar and syntax, all while, at the more official level, looking at more theoretical things about lyric, nature of poetry, poetry and sound, song and image, etc. One thing is to come up with the singers and texts, but where I REALLY need help is in the theory and criticism on this, what to read in that vein [OR, it could be conceived as cultural info, in which case with Jara there would be a lot about Chile and nueva canción, etc., Libro de Buen Amor and we’d learn about the Middle Ages and/or whatnot].

  1. There is a series of books on “word and music studies” but mostly focussed on classical music. You might want to look at John Hollander’s The Untuning of the Sky for historical background. It is an important subject but has not really had its full realization in the secondary literature. There are the musicologists, the people doing popular music studies, and specialists in individual genres of music, etc… What I need to do is put it all together.

    1. Thank you! It also occurs to me: one of the student projects could be to look for theoretical bibliography. They could have: homework, on the texts studied each week, and 2 projects: 1 research project on a song/genre/singer/etc., and the other project would be to contribute to a group annotated bibliography on theory.

      We could possibly have a guest speaker from the music department. Send me anything brilliant you find / think of, and any theory in Spanish on it.

      ALSO I wonder if these cantautores have written things about it.

  2. Cancionero de Durruti (anarquista / Sánchez Ferlosio / huelga minera)

    A unit on civil war songs
    A unit on Mexican revolution songs
    A unit on Chilean coup songs
    … & c. – there can be up to 15 units or so, is one way to organize

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