That consular visit

Inviting a consul can go beyond a reception. It can be a community event with the Consul and her or his staff speaking to students and faculty, the local business community, immigrant organizations, and so on. A Consul can explain international trade, education abroad opportunities, food, and cultural exchanges … give a great deal of information to both university stakeholders and local communities more broadly.

Very well.


One thought on “That consular visit

  1. I would say the consul is going to meet with faculty, with students, to discuss pressing issues of interest to students and in line with the course you have created on Mexico, immigration, environmental issues, violence on both sides of the border, etc.

    That it will be a unique opportunity for students to discuss with a diplomat issues that impact both countries, in the context of a course that you have created, while providing them with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the organization of an event that is an integral part of their learning experience.

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