Film on the Spanish Civil War

What would you teach for this? (Side note: McClennen’s Globalization and Latin American Cinema costs hundreds of dollars; if not, I might use it as a textbook for a different film course.)

La lengua de las mariposasRazaDragón rapide/Encontrarás dragonesCría cuervos¡Ay Carmela!Land and freedom – El laberinto del fauno – El espinazo del diablo – Soldados de Salamina – That film about Puig Antich

These and then there are historic ones here, some very important. There are a lot of other lists, and this has some good, old ones (as in, anarchist films from during the war)

  • Balada de la triste trompeta
  • Las bicicletas son para verano (Chávarri)
  • El bosc (Aibar)
  • El mar (Villaronga 2000)
  • Gernika
  • Los girasoles ciegos (Cuerda 2008)
  • Incierta gloria (Villaronga)
  • Libertarias (Aranda 1996)
  • Mientras dure la guerra (KEY)
  • La trinchera infinita (KEY)
  • La vaquilla (García Berlanga)
  • Pa negre (Villaronga 2010)
  • Pájaros de papel (Aragón)
  • La sierra de Teruel (Malraux 1938)
  • Vida en sombras (Llobet-Gràcia 1949


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