Nouvelle chanson

I recycled two journal issues today — ones I’d kept for a reason — and it was a big thing. Now I am going to recycle three books. They’re major, I’ve always had them, so it is a wrench, but on the other hand they are tattered and raggedy now, and I have more recent, fancier editions, and you can see these texts in so many ways now. But they were great company for a long time.

The first was originally sold in Madrid and then in the United States. I bought it in São Paulo. It’s Vallejo, OC 3 (Laia), Poemas en prosa, Contra el secreto profesional, Apuntes biográficos de Georgette. The next is Ferrari’s OPC of Vallejo in Alianza Tres, with his introduction. The third is Eshleman and Barcia’s translation of the complete posthumous poetry.

Farewell, books, you served me well and there is much of me in you. We will meet again one day.


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