I stole this from a friend on Facebook and I think you should steal it too. I will get Saidiya Hartman’s Scenes of Subjection which says in part:

“These performances pleased not only because of the abilities of those who performed but also because they served to display the owner’s power and property since the captive body was an extension of the imperial body of the master and the prized object of his enjoyment. Moreover, the master’s gaze served as a reminder that diversion could not be extricated from discipline or domination. In this regard, the owner’s pleasure in looking [as: when you get an Excellent in all performance categories] was without a question a form of surveillance and a way of policing the slave population.”

Facebook friend asks: “Why have we come gladly to accept the regression of employment practices even in the allegedly most liberal professions to obvious forms of domination and subjugation enjoyment?”


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