Turkish letters in Unicode

I have to figure out how to do these on the Macintosh, but:

ÂALT 0194Latin capital letter A with circumflex
âALT 131 or ALT 0226Latin small letter a with circumflex
ÇALT 128 or ALT 0199Latin capital letter C with cedilla
çALT 135 or ALT 0231Latin small letter c with cedilla
ĞALT 0286Latin capital letter G with breve
ğALT 0287Latin small letter g with breve
ÎALT 0206Latin capital letter I with circumflex
îALT 140 or ALT 0238Latin small letter i with circumflex
İALT 0304Latin capital letter I with dot above
ıALT 0305Latin small letter dotless i
ÖALT 153 or ALT 0214Latin capital letter O with diaeresis, O with umlaut
öALT 148 or ALT 0246Latin small letter o with diaeresis, o with umlaut
ŞALT 0350Latin capital letter S with cedilla
şALT 0351Latin small letter s with cedilla
ÜALT 154 or ALT 0220Latin capital letter U with diaeresis, U with umlaut
üALT 129 or ALT 0252Latin small letter u with diaeresis, u with umlaut
ÛALT 0219Latin capital letter U with circumflex
ûALT 150 or ALT 0251Latin small letter u with circumflex
ALT 8378Turkish lira sign


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