This is the most interesting comment I have found on the show.

“Behzat Ç. is a not a kind of TV serials which you are familiar with. Its on its best when it makes a balance between your realities and your illusions. A routine story of life goes parallel with the story of pressure which you already have because of the unwritten rules of the society, politics, family, even friends. The naturalistic details are well structured within the story and it actually lies behind your story. No fantasy, no hero, no fear, no side, no documentary, no fun, no show, no adventure, no eroticism…, etc., there is no clichés here. As if it is the advantage of having dreams in which you become who you are in your subconscious. i.e. when you get stress and feel pressure intrinsically in your any daily life, you may dream that you are punching a sand bag or something else to renew your physiological body by making you stress absorptive capacity empty again for the next morning. The effects are the same in the serial. I have no idea how they can do that. But they are doing.”

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