On teaching people how to use quotations

Along these lines: what I’ve been doing for this is 1) I had them read the handout on doing summary, paraphrase, and quotation that I usually lecture from, 2) work in groups to write summaries of what we’ve been reading, and the summaries had to include a mix of paraphrase and quotation, and citations following the rules. 3) I brought in my own summary of the next reading, and I intentionally wrote it so that it would use different techniques throughout. We went through it sentence by sentence and talked about why the technique matched what I wanted the reader to get out of the sentence, why I quoted the phrases I did, how citations worked alongside signal phrases, and so on. 4) they had to go back and revise their summaries using some of the things we talked about from my summary.

–A friend–message me if you need the precise source


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