How odd

At 2200 ft

Rafael Barradas 1926

Suddenly not to want to write anything personal. After a few years of thinking, on the other hand, that writing academic prose was pointless. Now, working under the conditions imposed by the pandemic, academic articles seem like an act of heroism. These are my thoughts as I sit in Madrid’s National Library, where I can only reserve books one day at a time for a maximum of three days (after which the book is quarantined for a week.) I wear a mask and I am encouraged to sanitize my hands. And after several months I am finishing an article on an aspect of Rafael Barradas’ s work and relationship to Federico García Lorca. I think I am finished, only to find that the topic grows more and more complex, more intricate. I wish I could follow up every new lead that crops up but that kind of…

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3 thoughts on “How odd

    1. The reason I find it odd is that these are my sentiments exactly. So it’s true: academic writing is just the thing for the COVID.

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