Things I’ll do

1/ House: floor . . . and there are other things, but the floor is first.

2/ For the Chasqui article: Scenes of Subjection? I need to formulate all of this, and I could use it as an opportunity to talk about books for our alleged edited volume.

3/ Presses for our edited volume would be, apart from the one we’ve decided to approach: Iberoamericana, Renacimiento, Verbum, de Gruyter, UNIGRAN, and I’m not sure what else we should look at. I have to write people about this.

2/ Maybe another essay/review I could do would take up Reiter’s book (his NYPP one) and meld that review, somehow, with this one: I could talk about the three poets: Pedro, Sasha, Jesús. ¿Would it work? Would it be woerth it? My perception is poets like Vallejo versus poets like Paz.

3/ More things to do are: distance learning and other trainings.

4/ I have revisions on the prison piece and I have to write the magic realism piece.

5/ There is the Moro translation to follow up on. I will get Asymmetries from Interlibrary Loan, it will teach a great deal about Peru.

6/ I also still need to write a follow-up memo about a meeting.


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