Magical Hispanism

This connects to my magical realism posts. Someone has had an insight and given it a name: magical Hispanism. Here’s a bit more on it. And more.

Magical hispanism, magical realism, and decolonial practices. Are they all part of the same thing? People looking for magic, looking for enchantment? Finding it, or imagining one has found it, in a commodified discourse of authenticity?

Is decoloniality, or decolonial practices at least, those “alternate ways of knowing,” “otros saberes,” another form of magical realism / magical hispanism? Here is an interesting critique from a curatorial point of view.

People download my translation of the Manifesto antropófago all the time as a decolonial text, but do not read my essays in which I explain why it is actually a colonial one.

I need to read Erik Camayd-Freixas who has written on magical realism and also on Orientalism and Latin America.


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