Spanish American Literature in Translation? Or Latin American? Including Brazil, or not?

El reino de este mundo will be the first and oldest text. Everything else will be short, but interesting, from a different country.

That is the foundation, and everything else is later; I should do something actually Afro-Latin to go with REM.

Other texts I am thinking about having, for narrative, are Pedro Páramo, Crónica de una muerte anunciada, Conversación al sur, El hablador, and La noche de Tlatelolco (the only non-novel on this list).

For poetry, Alejandra Pizarnik and Karen Villeda, Anna y Hans (hoping it has been translated by then). I’d like to teach Arguedas but it’s a man, again, and unless it’s a short story the works are longer.

And then there is theatre. And perhaps I should teach Retamar, Caliban. Or then again not. And I could make this all short narrative, only punctuate with other genres.

UPDATE. Or: start with RETAMAR, Bolívar, Manzano, Turner, Martí, Guillén . . . then move to REM, then GGM as non-magical, then research period where everyone in the class concentrates on ONE of the next books?


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