Unlicensed handguns

Drinks to go

Frequent boil water warnings

Unlimited reelection of governors

Expanding homeless population (and it is illegal to be homeless in a public place)

Californian tech exodus offering 50% above asking on every house


Voting rights

Abortion rights

History education (it is illegal to teach about race, or anything critical of the US)

A government that serves the people


2 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Oh, Texas. Full of the conceit they could just be their own nation. Maybe it can, but literally they went screaming into the US’s bosom after their independence so they could continue to own people. And I’m not up on the Texas secessionists so maybe they’ll try it soon? It’s not like their underfunded and dilapidated power grid failure is going to deter anyone.

    I wonder how much people underestimate how a larger nation serves as an escape valve for bad state governments. Florida, for example would have to tax the bejesus out of everyone to pay for hurricane repairs. California would have to repeal that infamous housing tax law so they could pay for things like…fighting fires and earthquakes. What would Louisiana even do?

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