My Bolshevik megaclass

I have to teach the modern Peninsular survey and I am redesigning it entirely. This isn’t exactly what I am doing now but I’d like to do it again, keep working on this.

One could start with Unamuno, Niebla.

I am starting with the vanguardia: the idea of the new, and the Peter Bürger idea that the avant-garde wants to join literature and life. I used Gómez de la Serna’s 1909 manifesto “El concepto de la nueva literatura” to this end — and look what a great site it comes from — with the aid of an essay on him in Fernández-Medina’s book Modernism and the avant-garde body.

I’ve discovered you can now read Guillermo de Torre’s Literaturas europeas de vanguardia online in PDF, which is excellent, and Paul Ilie now has this book of documents on the Spanish vanguard. The person to assign manifestos of in addition to G. de la S. is G. de Torre, the ultraísta, and one could point people to more. I should talk about Carmen de Burgos more.

In any case, what I’m doing this time is going from a brief introduction to the avant-garde to a unit on Lorca, since this was originally supposed to be an iteration of my Lorca seminar. We’re doing non-folkloric Lorca: PENY, Doña Rosita, and El público.

After that we’re jumping to the post civil war period but reading another avant-garde play: El tragaluz (Buero Vallejo).

I want to read something from the late 20th century, but heck: I feel like reading La plaça del diamant.

Then I have a unit on current afrodescendiente writing.


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