A folder full of notes

I have one and it sits. I have to get rid of paper and activate some energy, and of course I also want to procrastinate on SERVICE by looking at research. So let us see.

  • FERREIRA DA SILVA — her ideas on race can help us read Latin American literature (in part because they are also about reading)
  • In the folder is my old paper on Sansone and stuck it to the bookcase. It is not as useless as I had thought, and my ideas have advanced as well. (How right is Guimarães?)
  • Modernity gave rights to white people only — which is why I am not convinced the idea of democracy in America is a “misplaced idea”
  • In modernity/capitalism, we sought individual over collective advancement
  • Fascism happened because capitalism failed
  • Fascism, like climate change and inequality, is a process
  • “Patriarchal culture’s profound anxieties about gender”
  • White supremacy KEEPS GETTING reinstated. What is this and how does it work?

Other topics.

  • Faculty members approaching grievance committee, whom I consider articulate, clear, brave. Someone else said: wounded, afraid.
  • What would faculty like: to have the library funded, to do tenure track hires, to get raises.
  • Also: travel funding, and individual funding for books and professional memberships — especially in the context of not getting raises.
  • Also: leadership on curriculum. The university does not believe in our expertise, so let us ask for an ADFL consultant. They say we have NO CREDIBILITY and NO STANDING TO OPINE but what expertise do they have?
  • The university fundamentally misunderstands the faculty role and expertise
  • We would like support for good governance
  • Instructors should get funding to go to ACTFL/CARLA/AATSP/similar (and no, it is not “oppressive” to expect them to keep up in field)


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