Research/writing log this week

Friday 5-7: Lisa Cacho discovery and informal writing, that will go to the review essay and also the book proposal. More is needed but this was a kind of breakthrough.

Also to note: what Richard did was humiliating. And I explained it to him and he was defensive and egocentric, and said he did not understand.

Saturday 5:30-6: Discovery of one new text or argument.

Sunday 4:00-4:30: Some editing, which made the text shorter.

Monday: More editing and at least 250 new words, for a total of 544. I don’t know how long it took but it was long, maybe four hours although I was not concentrating well. Still, this is 7 hours in 4 days and about 250 new words, for a total of 544. (I had written 135 words the first week and 210 the second, for 345, but then cut quite a few of those; the new words will need a lot of editing.)

Tuesday: More editing, and for hours and hours, at least 4, I was having difficulty with language. Improved existing text and added 42 new words, for a total of 586.

Friday: 30 minutes of editing. I now have 610 words, of which 407 are well edited. 24 new words.

Saturday: 90 minutes of editing and composing. 649 words now. 39 new words.

Sunday: Got the Cacho book, read. This all took about 3 hours, because I am so slow. Small bit of editing: realized where a footnote should go.

So: in 10 days I got 350 words, and put in 16 hours. I was being incredibly slow. Given that my official rate is 100 words an hour, this should have been 3.5 hours. But it was very difficult. I will persevere.


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