Colonial Desire

I have a photocopy of this book and it has always been something I should seriously read. It still is, even though it is old now. I forget that I have it because it is a photocopy. I’m going to get rid of the photocopy and probably buy the book, even though I do not want more books, just so I can see the spine.

I am doing the same with Verani, La vanguardias literarias en hispanoamérica. A great resource, but not if you do not realize you have it.

The reason we had all these photocopies back then was that it was not nearly so easy to get the books. If you could travel abroad, you would bring back many books. Otherwise, they came by interlibrary loan and you photocopied them.

I also want to buy Guillermo de Torre, Literaturas europeas de vanguardia. And you can. I am recklessly recycling my yellowed photocopy, but saving the pages on intersubjectivity (281-83).


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