LACES and More

I was going to publish something in LACES, and I forgot. Perhaps I will.

And there are other things to remember.

I had a guest speaker in my Spanish 202.

And my colleague said that the reason we should leave the university is that teaching is obstructed and there is no administrative support (I would say there is administrative undermining).

At mid semester I was still writing myself encouraging notes: remember to have self-respect and to banish self-doubt.

All of this must be considered.

Also, I’m recycling the photocopy of Yurkievich, Identidad cultural de Iberoamérica en su literatura. There’s a useful chapter on the avant-garde in it, but this is a 1986 book. What interests me is to note what a big topic cultural identity was back then. Everyone was so talking about it.

Instead, I need Leonardo Marques, The United States and the Transnational Slave Trade, 1776-1867.

And I have to watch this film, Santiago, Italia.

And another thing not to forget is this seminal article by Sylvia Wynter.


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