Horoscope 2023

Reading whole house, not Placidus.

Sun / Mercury 8H in Capricorn: likes depth and extremes and doesn’t do surface level very well. Not afraid to explore the taboo. Very practical way of speaking and likely good with business and money.

Ascendant in Gemini: comes across as talkative and intelligent, especially that your ascendant is at 11 degrees (an Aquarius degree).

Moon in Libra 5H: likes beautiful things and creativity / children / romance is what you are likely to need to feel good on an internal / emotional level. Jupiter in this same house close to the moon will expand this.

Pluto 4H at 0 degrees: home and family life are a source of destruction / transformation. Especially Pluto squaring Saturn / Venus, there is conflict between your marriage / partnerships (a huge challenge) and your home life.

MC in 9th house Aquarius + Mars in 11th house Aries: you need to work with other cultures and large groups of people. These are the areas where you will really shine.

Chiron 9th house: there’s a hidden wound in some part of your life related to religion / higher learning or foreign cultures. With Chiron so close to your MC there is or was likely a wound when it came to finding your life purpose, but that can definitely be overcome.

Uranus in 3H: sudden changes in your life would be in the area of early education, sibling relationships or neighbors.

Neptune 6H: The area where you would have illusions is in your health and daily routine, place of work. Be careful not to overlook health concerns. Especially that it squares Uranus which rules sudden changes.

Rahu (north node) 6H: you came into this lifetime to focus on more earthly matters and your past lives (south node 12H) were likely more focused on the hidden and spiritual.


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