Here are some really cool things to read.

On Emilia Vásquez.

On flowers in the desert.

Gardens based on palm trees. Certain palms are better than others in Louisiana.

The new Chinese restaurant that is said to be as in China.

Our neighbor on the radio.

University of Kyiv Law School.

Being an ally to sex workers.

The Seattle General Strike.

Finding Cajun.

Abortion pills by mail. “Medication abortion is available through Aid Access, a highly reputable organization with decades of experience (in its sister organizations). It takes about three weeks to ship them to an illegal state. The pills are approved up to 11 weeks here. Studies in Finland showed them to be effective well into the second trimester, however.

“If someone chooses this route, they must not text people about their plans and should use a private browser and a prepaid debit card. If there is any reason to suspect the abortion is incomplete, seek help for a miscarriage and say nothing about the pills. Medical personnel can’t tell the difference unless the patient discloses, and treatment is the same regardless.”

Finally, on the question of bondage, being in bondage. My student who is being forced to marry and to give birth. Forced into bondage (I don’t know if the man she is marrying is also a rapist of hers, but she does not want to marry…him). Thinking about bondage, the way I always felt I was in bondage to the family, and still do. The idea that one was not eligible for non-bondage. Selling oneself into academia, that felt like selling oneself into bondage so as not to be on the street. That book contract that felt like bondage. Tenure that can feel like bondage. Drudgery at work that feels like bondage. Efficiency schemes that feel like bondage, and “self-care” that seems more like a disciplinary regime and like bondage.

Not feeling free, not feeling that one is a person. And the feeling of getting hit in the head.


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