Words to look up are Menenghello and Minchiate Etruria, a Tarot I think I would really like.

I will do this while I get in touch about the blinds and my car key.

I am also going to investigate Scenes of Subjection. AND consider it for my other essay. There are more books to investigate, including and especially the ones that have to do with our alleged edited volume.

1/ Presses for our edited volume would be, apart from the one we’ve decided to approach: Iberoamericana, Renacimiento, Verbum, de Gruyter, UNIGRAN, and I’m not sure what else we should look at. I have to write people about this.

2/ Maybe another essay/review I could do would take up Reiter’s book and meld that review, somehow, with this one: http://www.letras.mysite.com/js210508.html.

3/ More things to do are: distance learning and other trainings; publicize that prize; deal with NCFS; deal with DEI.

4/ There is the AAUP to deal with: minutes, and that letter. I will get Asymmetries from Interlibrary Loan, it will teach a great deal about Peru.

5/ I also need to write a follow-up memo about a meeting, and I have to write that poem. We have reservations: Piazza d’Angelo at 6:30 the 24th, and Salito’s at 7 the 25th. We don’t know where we can have lunch the 25th but I think it could be a picnic. I need to reserve a car.


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