Museum of Fine Arts

At the end of the summer break I will get to Houston, and I will be there in time to see what is apparently a truly important exhibit on Mexican modernism. This of course engages my topics: avant-garde discourse (revolution, modernity), and representations of race (nation), interests I must articulate in a more precise way … More Museum of Fine Arts

Alain Resnais

From Austerlitz, I learned about this Resnais short obliquely based on Borges, Toute la mémore du monde. This article, about architecture in the Bibliothèque Nationale of France, complements the film and the novel very well. And here is a set of 13 films of works by Borges and Bioy Casares. How do you see film … More Alain Resnais

Francisco Boix

Un fotógrafo que después declaró en Nuremberg. Y como si no fuera suficiente, aquí van los últimos andaluces de Mauthausen. Y una más sobre Boix. Y hay más: el último español de Buchenwald, memorias de Elsa Osaba de Mauthausen, Saturnino Navaso, futbolista de Mauthausen. Axé.

Bad poetry

Here is a bad poem or at least, one I dislike. I read it while reading an interesting book review that shows precisely why everyone is fatigued with the Democratic Party, in the same magazine with a yet more interesting book review on Hitler, characterized as a warning from history. This was the title of … More Bad poetry


I splashed swordfish with olive oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and orange juice, and grated fresh turmeric over it. Then I baked it in a clay cazuela. It was arguably the best thing I have ever made–I wonder whether I can repeat it. Axé.

Les Tarahumaras

A crumbling volume I am putting into recycling is Artaud, Les tarahumaras, in Gallimard/idées, 1971. I bought it used 10 years later. The text was composed between 1937 and 1948, after Artaud’s 1936 trip to Mexico. I marked some passages in it when I read it. P. 18: Westermers when asked a question react as … More Les Tarahumaras

Baltic States

It appears that Lithuanian is the closest Indo-European language to Sanskrit. There is this Lithuanian film Vortex, very beautiful, that I would rather see in the theatre than at home because of the sadness. Axé. 

Andrei Zvyagintsev

Everyone liked this film, Elena, but I found it entirely too bleak. Had I seen it in Moscow and in Russian, in some art house after reading the papers for several weeks and observing life, I would have found it interesting and stimulating. I would have walked along the street afterwards thinking of the market … More Andrei Zvyagintsev