Emmylou Harris, Mary Black

The song is Green Rolling Hills (of West Virginia). I spent a benighted summer in New England once. To the south New York bathed in heat was cosmopolitan and seemed positively Mediterranean, and I longed to go.

In August I did go, feeling my bones relax and expand as I crossed the state line. On the George Washington Bridge local radio came on, a program called “Tennessee Border,” and I thought, that is a good idea.

I flipped my right turn signal as soon as I could and merged onto another freeway, and was well along the Blue Ridge Parkway by nightfall.


3 thoughts on “Emmylou Harris, Mary Black

  1. inspiring – so much so, I found this on you tube – the grand man himself, Dick Gaughan with Emmylou and the McGarrigle sisters.

    go pull some wild mountain thyme – it’s summer after all – and we’ll all go together —

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