13 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. When Bush was elected the first time after the fiasco of 2000 I had this conversation with my aunt Joyce in rural Alabama.

    Unbeached: Aunt Joyce, Bush is now president.

    Aunt Joyce: Well I talked to my momma about that.

    Unbeached: Well, what did she say?

    Aunt Joyce: She said we were going back to Hoover days.

    Unbeached: What were Hoover days?

    Aunt Joyce: She said “That was when we were so poor, that at night we had to steal corn from a field.”

    Prophetic know? Ethanol and all. I am going to invest in a bike as soon as I can, and join an organic co-opt when my checks start rolling in.

    They planned to privatize the oil all along, and to hold the rights over the oil wells in front of France’s face when “the regime change” was complete.

    Chirac witnessed Algeria first hand in the 60’s, he did not taking the bait. Blair unfortunately did.

  2. I am nostalgic for Chirac. Yes, this was their plan. I need a working bike. I wish I had an organic co-op, there are organic cooperative gardens though and I need to get off my lazy a** and pitch in. I am growing lemons and a lot of herbs, need to grow more, have the space, but the cooperative gardens sound more fun somehow.

    Ethanol is apparently bad for the environment and people in Brazil, where they have it, hate it because it replaces food crops.

  3. OK, now I have sowed spinach, cilantro, and Hungarian peppers. Somewhat haphazardly, I will admit, but part of this may come up … and I’ve started, and I will learn to be better with seeds, this is the main thing.

    I have so much thyme that I was able to make and use some thyme straw mulch – I wonder if anyone else has ever created this.

  4. It’s begining to sound like the oil legislation is going to be stalled indefinitely. It was a brilliant plan when the neocons thought we were the world’s sole superpower. Now that the insurgency has shown the world that we’re a paper tiger, the legislation could well flounder. Of course, the right will flame on about Iraq’s ingratitude after all we did for her. It’s a good thing politicians have no feel for irony.

    Speaking of ethanol, the amount of grain needed to fill the tank of an SUV would feed a person in the third world for a year.

  5. Feed a person for a year – with one SUV sized tank of ethanol – Ave Maria! So – you think Iraq won’t pass the legislation? Let’s hope not – I think it will lose them more money in the long run, and I’ll bet the reconstruction money is really going to Blackwater and Halliburton anyway.

  6. They have enough easily-accessible oil in the ground as collateral to get all the financing they need through the private sector. One writer compared it to you or I borrowing $3000 from our bank and putting a paid-for $300,000 house up as collateral.

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