Elizabeth David

Elizabeth David could really cook. I am not an accomplished cook, but sometimes I think I channel her. Here is something you can do with pork chops, thick ones without bones.

Rub them with salt and pepper, strew them with fresh chopped herbs, and douse with a small amount olive oil and fresh lime or orange juice. Marinate them like this for several hours, and then bake or grill them. Serve with a green salad, using as dressing the warm drippings from the pan. If you want to serve a starch, try very creamy mashed potatoes into which you have also stirred some of the drippings.

If you have leftovers, slice them thinly the next day and arrange on lettuce. Cover with steamed, shelled soybeans and lightly steamed, very young green beans. Dress with vinaigrette.


10 thoughts on “Elizabeth David

  1. I used to be a good cook. Something happened. When I was really young, I was a really experimental cook. I had a great time cooking. In particular I used to make experimental casseroles. One of them had layers of silverbeet and eggs. I also used to like to cook boerewors by splitting them vertically, and turning them into kind of like an open pattie. Yes, I was a ferocious cook. I also discovered that you could cook up jam, add some sugar, and turn it into a confectionary. Very fine.

  2. Yes – I had a long period where I forgot how to cook, really, now I seem to be paying more atttention. Experimental cooking is great. What are silverbeet and boerewors?

  3. silverbeet — spinach, really.

    boerewors are south african sausage. Slightly spicy, made mostly of mutton, although a mix of meats is common. I believe oregano is one of the prime ingredients.

  4. I hate when you do this because it reminds me what I’m missing most of the time (what I call “real food”), my focus being elsewhere for a variety of reasons. Sigh.

  5. People think they have no time to cook, but I can’t survice without real food. My point is, my food takes no longer to prepare than fast food – or to buy! I feel as though I am not really cooking these days, also.

    *Fascinating* on silverbeets. And boerewors, I should have known it was South African sausage, Boer-style wurst! It would definitely be coriander, those Boers would not be oregano people, I intuit. 😉

  6. Would you be interested in exchanging links?

    [N. Ed.: I’m sorry, I don’t do that, although I will take paid advertising. There is contact information on the “Contact” tab at the top of the site, in case you are interested in discussing that. –Z]

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