Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

To be discussed. See also this clip (“In a small town like this you have a choice between Hell and Jesus, and grief is better than nothing”) and this one.

Meanwhile it is Carnaval time and Mardi Gras Day is almost upon us. It is very early this year and I am not paying attention, although floats have been parked on the streets these twenty days, barricades are everywhere and parades have started. I will start paying attention later. Last year I did not pay attention at all, to my detriment, but the year before I did, and it was wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

  1. One of the questions passed in for me to answer tomorrow in class: “Why do people from other regions of the U.S. think Southerners are less intelligent?” How would you reply?

  2. See my upcoming post on Ehrenreich. Because Southerners are the savage other, the working class into which one projects one’s shadow self. Because if they are the racists, we are virtuous. And so on. Because if you are poor you must be less intelligent.

  3. Also the south is very Black. I have wondered whether people want to complain about Black people and believe they are less intelligent, but know this is not allowed, so they use “southern” as a kind of code word.

    There is nothing a Yankee hates more than a white southerner. My father wants all white southerners, and all Muslims, exterminated, so that the world will become civilized. I think he is sublimating racism and anti-Semitism.

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