For August 29: The ‘I’ of the Storm

On August 27, 2005, I talked to all my New Orleans people, and on August 28 they came here. Some stayed; others went on to Houston and Austin after lunch.

Traffic was really heavy that morning. The people and the storm were inevitably coming, and I was concerned to see how long we might be without electricity and how many trees might fall. I sat on the porch willing both storm and people to come on in.

On August 29 we were already in a state of tense mourning. We fed the ducks and looked at the sky. We did not learn that the levees had broken until the following day.

For this August 29, also my kitten Krishna’s ninth birthday, we will read a newly discovered post Katrina blog, The ‘I’ of the Storm.


The air is close and the sky, ominous. For his birthday, Krishna would like me to help him with his garden projects. He is there now, cutting back primroses, planting vines.


2 thoughts on “For August 29: The ‘I’ of the Storm

  1. Yes. Right now there’s just a low pressure area off Surinam that could turn into something. My theory is that since it’s relatively cool up here this year, the water won’t heat up enough to encourage hurricanes. I am told that when Katrina came the water in the Gulf was 95 degrees F. and it’s only in the 80s now. I’m not sure how precise this is — the Gulf is a large place — but I’ve decided to declare it broadly true.

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