More on Fashion

There was this character Huipil Woman we promised each other, when young, never to become. She is middle aged, just slightly out of shape and slightly faded, and despite not being Mayan she wears a bright huipil with her denim skirt and sandals. The idea is that the huipil, so fine and shining, will hide a multitude of sins and distract from others.

The problem is that it does not hide or distract, it merely remains beautiful. And even if you believe in huipil wearing as a non Mayan, most people should still not wear denim skirts with bare legs and sandals in any but the very most informal settings once they have reached a certain age. I really understand why people want to wear huipiles. I know what it is to  imagine that if one wears one of those, people will not notice the fatigue in one’s face – but still I say no.

If you do wear a huipil, try it with straight black pants, or a straight coordinated skirt; wear stockings and heels, makeup, hair gloss or whatever you normally put in hair, and all of that. A huipil is a fancy garment and it needs a fancy context.

If going exotic rings your bell – and it does mine – a Ghanaian costume or a sari may hide figure flaws better than a huipil, especially if they have sleeves, and even if they are out of field for you. But there is a very great deal to be said for a well cut camel’s hair jacket, I still say.


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