The Hallowe’en Effect

So today, I lost it at an administrator about how impossible everything was and he said, unbelievably: I see. How can I contribute to fixing this?  I could hardly believe he was saying that, but he was.

People for years have been suggesting to me that I might be In Denial about the lack of administrators who might say such things, but I was not In Denial, it was true. It is not that I have not tried.

Somehow related is the fact that my language students never have any adventures to talk about. I do not have a great deal of Life this semester, as I am working 100 hours, but among 95 language students and myself only a select few had a chance to do anything at all for Hallowe’en, for example.

So I thought back on my own undergraduate life. How much had I, myself, actually done beyond study and work? Not a great deal, I realized, although I was articulate enough about study and work to converse in language classes. But the adventures did not really start until later.

How are these two events related? They involve, I suppose, the revelation of facts heretofore unperceived. We will call this the Hallowe’en Effect.


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