Sobre los estudiantes

Not only do we teach more classes and do it in worse conditions than many, and have more fun in life — we also have more interesting students than almost anyone.

Student #1 had a father, recently deceased.

Professor Zero: What did he do in life?
Student: He was a coyote.

Student #2 had a grandmother, recently deceased. She lived in New Orleans, Louisiana and practiced voodoo. The family has tattoos of the loas. They have been here since the early 19th century at least.

Do you see why I say living here is not entirely like living in some other parts of the United States?


5 thoughts on “Sobre los estudiantes

  1. Our trip to the capital of Spain is being a nice “box of surprises”. First, I am delighted to see how well my students manage their “intermediate command” of the language. They are much better in real life than what I thought.

    Madrid is not that cold (by our Boston area standards) and the city is full of life. We visited El Prado but no chance for a ticket to The Hermitage (everything sold out until March). But we came across a little treasure at Fundación Juan March that we will be visiting tomorrow. Es inédita!.

  2. Now’s a great time for the Prado – short lines – I’m envious. I have also never really been to the Juan March and would love to go. Hermitage – what is this in Spanish? – to me the Hermitage is a museum in St. Petersburg … ? Abur, have fun … !!!

  3. Yes, it is a wonderful collection from St Petersburg’s Museum that is being temporarily exhibited in El Prado. Unfortunately, it will be taken back to its place in March.

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