Z Recommends

I tried these on in person – and wished I needed them!



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2 responses to “Z Recommends

  1. Z

    “After investing in a new pair of boots, do yourself a favor and take them to the cobbler to have thin rubber soles added to the bottoms. It will protect them from wear and help you get better traction (which in turn makes the shoes more comfortable). A silicone spray protector is great for adding durability, especially to delicate materials like suede and fabric. Regularly polish leather and brush nubuck and suede boots to keep them looking new. To treat salt stains on leather boots, dip a soft cloth in white vinegar and wipe off the mark. Boot trees are the easiest way to maintain the shape. If boots get wet, remove the insoles (if possible) and let them dry in front of a fan. When they’re two-thirds dry, insert a shoe tree and let them finish drying.”

  2. Z

    I gave in and ordered them at a discount place but they didn’t have this color so I ordered black.

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