I had expected to eat clam chowder and drink bad beer in some dive in old Eureka, California, but found that the entire place is now an elegant shopping zone with a gourmet culture. You can have a glass of fine wine while listening to a live singer and surfing the web on wi-fi.

On the other hand, I had expected to stay in an odd place in a homey little town on the way to the mountains, but the town has as remote and almost ghostly a feeling as anywhere I have been in the United States and reminds me, in fact, of Santiago de Chuco, in the northern and not at all touristy Andes. You can really feel you are perched on Indian land here.

All of my voyages are esoteric. I found this place by searching the deep Internet, just as I found Cachicadán, Peru, which it resembles. Set me to exploring in the United States and I will find places and things as unexpected and undiscovered as I do in foreign lands.

I have missed my calling, perhaps. I should be a travel writer of an alternative kind, perhaps.


5 thoughts on “Intrepid

  1. Pictures, not really, it sort of destroys the experience and I’d have to have a camera. I do enjoy other people’s pictures, though. There is value in pictures but it’s a whole job in itself; I’d do it if I were a professional at this, have whole picture taking work trips to places I’d been before. But if I’m traveling for my own sake or for experience, I don’t do it.

  2. I agree. I used to take pictures in every tree but my camera does not work very well lately and it is not worthy.

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