Cast iron pot

The combination of leeks, olive oil and orange juice is serving me well.

I sauteed three sliced leeks in olive oil, in the cast iron Dutch oven my mother regrets having handed over to me. I had juiced three oranges and I added the juice to this, and stuffed the rinds into the cavity of a chicken along with some coarse sea salt and a large handful of raisins. I seeded the chicken under the skin with many sliced garlic cloves and just a few thin red chiles (chile de árbol) which had dried.

I put the chicken into the pot, and added two sliced sweet potatoes, two sliced turnips and a parsnip. Then I covered the pot and simmered it slowly, for an hour or two, until it was done. The chicken was really flavor infused, an actually interesting meat.


4 thoughts on “Cast iron pot

  1. It’s making me hungry too, just thinking about it – and there’s none left; I guess I need to acquire another chicken!

  2. Mine is gone too. Watching a good movie to console myself… Life without a wonderful chicken is tough!

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