Occupied Mexico

So far I have seen one set of militarized police, wearing ski masks in a marked truck with machine guns mounted on it.

I saw another set of, I suppose, army, in camouflage, but their truck was not marked so they could have been extralegal paramilitaries for all I know.


3 thoughts on “Occupied Mexico

  1. Awful*, and perhaps intractable. I don’t see this morass clearing up anytime soon, there are too many negative factors. I hope I am wrong.

    *And coming soon to a country near you. It seems like Mexico (and swathes of the middle east, why not) is being used as a U.S. test kitchen.

  2. Hi Credo, good to see you! Yes, it´s the drug and a few other wars. “State of siege” was what someone said about it today.

    Redactora I think you are right – this is the face of the future.

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