Amanecer en el Zócalo

I was never a fan of these all night Latin American bus rides, that is to say these all night bus rides that are so popular in Latin America and sometimes inevitable, and every time I take one I say it will be my last. But if you arrive at 6 AM in Mexico City, and you do not have a lot of baggage so you can take the metro instead of wait for a cab, and your metro stop is on the same line as your bus terminal so it is an easy ride, and the coffee stand is open at the bus terminal so you can set out fortified, then…

Coming out of the metro station into your neighborhood you will see the sky glow pink behind the old buildings and then the signs of the actual sun in a red splash, and walk home along near empty streets in fresh air carrying the faint smell of mondongo, cilantro, and atole wafting from the stands.


2 thoughts on “Amanecer en el Zócalo

  1. Have a wonderful amanecer en el zócalo, beautiful Z. Placido Domingo says it better than I, especially the second part!. Here is to life, here is to you!

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