On NOT (always) writing every day

In the case of this particular text, my theory of writing a small amount every day is not working. It is just making me worry the thing too much, which exhausts me and prevents advancement. I know the theory is, just free write then; however I have already explained that and furthermore, I already have a full draft I am working from (although it needs heavy revision, which in practice means using it as raw material for recomposition). I need breaks from it for distance, and I need to limit and not increase the amount of time I spend looking at it.

This is precisely the kind of circumstance that is conducive to taking too long a break. For this particular manuscript I would almost say it needs an all day session once a week, without fail … and to be thought about in the meantime while walking, to be at the back of one’s mind always. Then later that can change to two half-day sessions a week, then four two-hour sessions, and eventually 18 25 minute sessions, which will be the easiest to fit in and cause the best flow … but only once the manuscript is going well.

Notice that in my general plan a day is about 7.5 hours, and that it is broken into 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each; actual work (not supporting work or related work but actual work) may occupy 3 sessions (all of the 7.5 hours) but must only occupy 2, and only 1 session must be spent on composition although all 3 may be. This is why in fact, when the 18 25 minute sessions are attained things will be the most efficient.


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