Et encore

The other post would be a description of a workplace dominated by lower classmen terrified and resentful about the language requirement, new assistant professors concerned about research and teaching evaluations, and serious about the language program and worried about tenure, and instructors and adjuncts resentful that there were any assistant professors at all and who had discovered that the best way to get them to leave was by destabilizing their classes, which they could do and which was a very effective form of harassment. Add to this that the library was closed for renovations at this time, post hurricane.

Consider all the people desperate for survival: students, surviving courses they resented; instructors, concerned about their survival as a partially ruling class; assistant professors, concerned for teaching evaluations and research in a situation where neither were within reasonable reach. Each group feels terrible, each group is struggling, and the victory of one always means the defeat of another. This is what I mean when I say, an atmosphere that is antithetical to research and which does not leave one enough peace of mind to make a good LSAT score.


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