That Writing Group, Again

I can already tell what my report will be, I did nothing all week but grade furiously, work for courses that bring memories I would rather not have. I did figure out how, for the first time ever, to give a seminar next fall that will both fit departmental needs AND student interests AND my research project. This is one of the things we are supposed to do but that is not normally possible.

We sat in the library café (we have a library now, and it has a café) and came up with a rocking title, to wit: STATES OF RUIN: VIOLENCE AND IDENTITY IN LATIN AMERICA, 1810-1930. Elements in it that I might not have fit in, but that are there by student demand are the films Camila and Krik Krak, corridos and narco-corridos, music and hegemony or music as it arises and is deployed in moments of conflict to form or consolidate resistance identities, and perhaps Tina Rosenberg’s book Children of Cain.

Obviously, I will have to have a book prospectus to teach this course. I will also have to have a better idea than I do now of said book prospectus’ actual contents by the time we order books in the spring, and I will have to decide whether the book is now to be written to this title or to the currently alleged one which has the word race in it; so there, something of research and the blocking out of a manuscript plan has been accomplished this week.


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