Other states, or, an example of why education and research are good for people personally and not just as career training and certification.

I never thought I could justify having post traumatic stress disorder but now from the outside, after more than twenty years, I can see how it had to be this and how like a war or similar set of disasters the roots of it really were.

I had it long before arriving where I live now, but it was from doing research in Latin American cultural history this week that I understood the nature of some things that did happen here.

Thinking about violence, the violence at the origin of nation formation that is then officially forgotten and (therefore) haunts, I realized that I have been in a nation-founding war myself, in my main department, although I was a civilian and not part of the warrior elites. The more I read about the mid nineteenth century and also the early twentieth century, the more this becomes oddly clear.

The other reference is that when I arrived the entire university was under a certain kind of dictatorship against which it was unwise to speak, people said; some were against it but their identities were not revealed to one unless one was trusted. These people were called “Sandinistas” as in, “Do you think so-and-so is a Sandinista?”

I cannot believe how much recovered I am from these events and what went before them than I was, say, a year ago. It is entirely different. But this has been caused by regime change, which was not something under my control and which is also an effect of war.



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3 responses to “Other states, or, an example of why education and research are good for people personally and not just as career training and certification.

  1. hattie

    Following along. Wish that Americans would slow down and learn to take things in instead of pushing all the time often with no regard for the worth of what they are doing.

    • Z

      Yes, I agree heartily.

      (And incidentally, that is something one can definitely see, looking at things from Peru!)

  2. Z

    And: I hope the effects of the regime change, which may be partly over, last. I need to study more history and think about social and political groups. I think that if I did a political analysis of everything, instead of a psychological one, and looked for historical analogies, I would understand things better and feel freer.

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