Des fragments Cécilia

What was I thinking about when I wrote these things down?

Manzano’s Autobiography of a Slave

Solás’1981 Cecilia

Sibylle Fischer’s 2005 introduction to Lane’s translation of Cecilia (I think it discusses the certificate of whiteness; in any case, I have this book); it also says other tings I like

Lamore’s introduction to the 2004 Cátedra edition, mentions the certificate of whiteness on page 11

Seminario de San Carlos; Academia San Alejandro


Paradox: limpiza de sangre and anxiety about legitimacy … and inclusivity (inclusion with exclusion — both together)


Adultery: is she Cándido’s, or not?

Limpieza de sangre: do they have it, or not?

Mestiza/octoroon: are they, or not?

Incest involves: illegitimacy-mestizaje, and adultery-impure blood

The ojo conocedor is a SUSPICIOUS EYE, like the eye of the Inquisition

What is incest? See Pardo-Bazán, La madre naturaleza


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