Yet, still, more on academic advice

The correct academic advice is that you should decide what you want to do and concentrate on that, and insist on conversing about that, as opposed to get caught by mentoring and advice.

The problem with academic advice, normally, is that it is given by people who believe themselves infinitely superior to those they are advising and who cannot, or prefer not to imagine that the person advised might at least have an average level of intelligence and good sense.

The primordial project of academic advice, therefore, is to place the advisee in that position of inferiority and rivet them there.

Once the advisee is so located, academic advice is focused on how to survive in a meritocratic system where one does not have the requisite amount of merit. It is thus based on two fallacies: one, that the system is meritocratic, and two, that advisees lack merit.

The ideas of being inadequate and inferior, yet needing to survive, and of not being allowed to leave the system because that would be such an ungrateful act, are the banes of my existence.



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