And then, the opposite kind of academic advice

There are also those inexperienced professors and otherwise unqualified individuals who insist that they know more than one does, and who require one repeat efforts already tried and failed, or re-run investigations which have already had clear results.

I cannot count the number of times I have had some person saying to me, you must do exactly what I say, because if you do not, the meaning of it will be that you want no improvement. And then they speak wildly about doing really destructive things.

The only times I have actually jumped off the proverbial cliff and done what these people wanted, it has been a waste of time at best. At worst, it has caused havoc from which I have still not recovered.

I do not know why academics, allegedly trained in research and in objectivity, so tend not to be able to think rationally; or why professors in foreign languages, allegedly trained to see otherness, can only project their own fantasies and speak to these.

All of these things have to do with gender oppression, I see darkly.



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