Musée du Louvre

Her father received a terminal diagnosis so she pointed out to him that now, not later, was the time to do anything he has wanted to do, while he still could.

He said there was a large museum in a palace, in Paris, with beautiful paintings, and he would like to go.

He is a good old boy, hunting and fishing, and she did not expect him to know art museums, or to have this particular wish. “Daddy, do you mean the Louvre?” She called a picture of the Louvre up on the Internet and he said yes, that was it.

They are going.

He came to Paris in 1945 and was very happy because he understood the French spoken there, and the Parisians understood him. It was the first time he had met people that were delighted he spoke French. He was a little torn up from the fighting in Germany, not wounded, you understand, just a little torn up.

People in Paris said most visitors made sure to see the Louvre, so he went there. It was a beautiful, symmetrical, tranquil building with a large courtyard and a great feeling of permanence. In it was beautiful painting after beautiful painting, room upon room.

He returned every day while he was in Paris, and began to feel well again. He has always wanted to return.


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